Things to know after buying

After purchasing an item from a retailer, if the product is not up to the mark, has poor quality and does not fit for the purpose you have purchased the item for or you were miss-communicated about its features and description, then you must return the product to the retailer and get it refunded or fixed/replaced as per your claim or warranty terms respectively.

As retailer is the medium between the manufacturer and the consumer, it is its responsibility to
accept the faulty product and get it fixed/replaced for you as per warranty terms.

Following facilities can be availed based on the usage of the product:

   100% refund in terms of money or replacement of the product
   How much money you get back depends the terms of sale and/or how much the product has been used
   Get the purchased item fixed or repaired based on its condition
   Get a discount on other item purchased for the same purpose.

Consumer may not be able to claim on the items if:

   Product has no issues and it’s as per description and you have changed your mind
   Item purchased had an obvious defect which was highlighted by the shopkeeper at the time of purchase and you accepted it
   Product is damaged by irresponsible use (e.g. mistreatment or dropping from your hand)
   If the problem is due to known/routine wear and tear which occours from daily use
   The item has worked longer than its expected lifetime.